Joe recently photographed a charity ball I held. It was a one off and I just wanted some nice shots to remember it by. I contacted him at very short notice and he was so helpful and understanding. He was so professional, we barely knew he was there! I had the photos the following day and was completely blown away. They are incredible and so much more than I could have asked for. Thank you Joe!

Caitlin Riddell

Copywriting and Content Marketing Professional, Freelance

Joe photographed our annual Creative Arts Business Network (CABN)) event ‘Manifest’ – the images he took blew us all away – they captured the dynamism in the room and we could not have hoped for better documentation of the evening. It was a pleasure to work with Joe and we would be keen to work with him again on future projects!, Thank you again 

Julia Parks

CABN Catalyst - Engagement, Creative Arts Business Network (CABN)

A little about me:

Joe Somerville

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to pop by my site! 

I thought I’d take the time to share a little about me; I’m a doting Dad to my near 5-year old daughter with number 2 due to join us in Spring, and proud husband of Mrs Somerville.  Both my wife and daughter are incredibly grateful that I’m working to make a living from my photography, it at least gives them a break from being asked for pictures! So much is owed to them both for helping me hone my craft and develop my style of candid photography, with all the raw joy and emotion that can be found in our lives.

My entry into photography came from childhood, often pinching my parent’s cameras on family holidays or butchering smartphone pictures in the early days of Instagram.  I quickly became enthralled by the ability to capture a moment in time, to be revisited and cherished later.  Something I’ve grown to appreciate, particularly as a parent, is that life can often move so fast that it really helps to try and catalogue it in some way. This is where I really feel I was able to start understanding how to make pictures for myself, but also capture the same joy for others.

In my childhood, my granny would often scold us if we posed for pictures, she insisted on photographing us in our natural habitat as it were.  As a young boy, I never quite understood this.  But now, when I capture someone’s genuine and heartfelt smile, there’s nothing quite like it.


My career up until now has predominantly involved working in health and social care, with photography often in the background for my downtime.  The year 2020 changed life for us all, and for me it helped me re-evaluate what was important, and from that I endeavoured to make more of my photography.  Since going “pro”, I have enjoyed a busy calendar of events, live performances and weddings. I am adept at shooting in dark and less than ideal conditions, but above all, capturing candid moments and memories.

I am passionate about delivering a friendly and inclusive service, where you can be relaxed and your individuality will be celebrated.   I so look forward to working with you to capture the moments that matter to you most.


– Joe 

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